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614 Day: Food truck rally and more

614 Day: Food truck rally and more

Julian Foglietti

614 Day is back with a bit of a twist! The day to celebrate all things 614 is coming in full swing on Sunday, June 14, in a combined virtual and in-person format.

The day typically consists of food trucks, concerts, and local pop-up vendors all in one place. But this year, the music is moving online with live streams from local DJs from noon to 9 p.m. And in lieu of the pop-up vendors, there will be a digital flea market online where local artisans will be selling similar products from noon to 3 p.m.


To fulfill the food side of the day, 614 Day will be hosting a food truck rally, held in collaboration with Can’t Stop Columbus and a partnership from Street Food Finder and the Columbus Crew. The rally will offer visitors the opportunity to sample many of the city’s food trucks at a time when many food truck festivals are being canceled. 

The event will start at 11 a.m. and run until 8 p… It will feature food trucks from throughout Central Ohio as well as local breweries. Orders can be placed on and will then be available for truck side pickup at a selected time. Walk-ups will be available, though driving and separation are encouraged. 

A list of participating food trucks is available on the event website, as well as locations for future events currently in the works. 

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